Types of Eco-Friendly Vehicles

More and more people prefer to use eco-friendly vehicle rather than use vehicles powered with fuel that is believed to be harmful for the environment. When car was invented for the first time about a century ago, it became a breakthrough that made people really amazed about it. However, as time went by and the number of cars in different parts of the word increased rapidly, many people began to think that cars had really made their environment very uncomfortable. The pollution that their cars produced was not only considered dangerous for their health, but also considered so undesirable that they could hardly live comfortably with such pollution around.

Because cars that are powered by fossil-based fuel are no more considered desirable vehicles that are admired by all people on this earth, many of those people start using eco-friendly vehicles that don’t produce unwanted pollution. Some of those people start using traditional vehicles, such as bicycle, and some others use vehicles that can receive eco-friendly fuel. So far, hybrid and electric vehicles, as well as those powered by biofuel, are considered the cleanest vehicles available on this earth. Hybrid vehicles are considered more pollutant-free than traditional motor vehicles because the former don’t necessarily have to be fueled with fossil-based fuel. Electric vehicles are obviously the cleanest vehicles available because they only use electricity in order to operate. And vehicles powered with biofuel are considered cleaner than traditional vehicles because the former produce pollution that is considered much less harmful than one produced by the burning of fossil-based fuel.

Although vehicles that use electricity are considered the cleanest vehicles available, there is only a very small selection of vehicles that use this power, particularly because electricity cannot provide enough energy to the vehicles to operate effectively. You may be able to find a large assortment of electric bicycles, but you can hardly find a selection of cars that are powered entirely by electricity.