Guide to Buy Car Alarm

The car owners should be wary of crime, especially theft. Therefore you have to anticipate the possibility that all conditions will occur. One thing you should do is equip your car with a car alarm installed.
In the auto parts market, all manufacturers of car alarm states have the best alarm system. Therefore, you as the owner of the car must be smart to choose and to collect information about a car alarm for sale to suit our car.
First of all you have to do is understand the type of your car to determine the appropriate alarm system. In principle, the car alarm is designed simple. When the car door was forcibly opened, the alarm circuit will be shut down and issue a warning blare of car klason.
With the development of car alarms, begin invented a sensor that will react to changes in light or pressure. There are also sensors that react to shocks on the car. When there are criminals trying emindahkan car, the sensor will detect and send a warning signal. The downside of this sensor system, when someone accidentally touching the car alarm will also react. Moreover, harsh vibrations beside the car can also make the sensor react car alarm warning.
Right now, the car alarm is designed more innovative. In the event of car theft, car alarms have the ability to turn off the engine. Another type of alarm design has the ability to send sinyak stolen vehicle location. Thus will facilitate tracking by the police to detect the presence of cars.
But the sophistication of car alarms do not necessarily correspond with the type of your car. Apart from having to understand the types and features alamr car, while installation should also be careful. Because if something goes wrong installation of a car alarm circuit will cause electrical short circuit. In addition, if the car alarm is too sensitive to shocks or vibration and often emits a warning will affect the use of electric current on a car battery. Therefore, when setting should be appropriate and follow the installation procedure by the alarm manufacturer. Another important thing is the installation of an alarm sensor placed in the places that are hidden and protected from water seepage and heavy impact.